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My Incredible, Unpredictable Wild Year

And So, Glashütte Ticks On

Quick Thoughts on the... 'Incident' in the Senate Hearing Room

Google’s Video Promised an AI Revolution. The Reality Is a Bit More Boring

Defending Matthew Williams’s Givenchy

My Reporting Was on Jimmy Kimmel's Show

George Santos Wants $20,000+ from Jimmy Kimmel

The Best AI Tool You’re Not Using is Video Upscaling

Pyer Moss Wants You To Loot Them — For A Fee

Adidas Wanted a New Yeezy. Fear of God Athletics Isn't It.

Is a Self-Heating Mug Really Worth $150?

What Happened to Cordae?

The Cybertruck is a Dud

Book Review of "The Handover" by David Runciman

Asus Shows That Gaming Laptops Can Look Professional

A Quick Word on the Death of Henry Kissinger

London's Bias Police

It's Time to Build AI Weapons

OnePlus Brings Foldable Phones to the Mainstream

The Bose QuietComfort Ultra Aren't Cheap. But They're Worth It

Braverman's Scarlet Letter

Murders & Acquisitions

The Great New Earbuds You Probably Overlooked

Race Cars for the Road Make No Sense

Tom Ford is Back (Without Tom Ford)

iPhones, Burberry Scarves, and When Arguably Returns

The Problem with Burberry

Don't Buy the iPhone 15

Articles, Updates, and Writing Opportunities!

Season 1 Episode 5: Cenk Uygur and the Future of the Democratic Party

I Ditched My Phone, and Found Truth in a Tablet

Season 1 Episode 4: Brendan Dunne and the Soul in Sneakers

You're Wrong About The Best Sneakers of 2023 (So Far)

Cocktail Column: New Takes on Negroni

The Greatest Car in the World is Back

Hollywood, and the Shocking Return of the Real

Blok Shows that Kids Watches Don't have to be Toys

Kevin Spacey is Finally Free

Season 1 Episode 3: The Future of the Republican Party with David Frum

From Nothing to Something

The Ugly Sweaters of Our Dystopian Future

The Luxury Knockoff or Knockdown of Plessume

Make Technology Transparent Again

Season 1 Episode 2: Is Psychology Valuable? with Paul Bloom

Lawmen Come to ChatGPT Town

America's Rock

RIP Twitter. Meet Threads

What's the Point of Beanless Coffee?

The Useful Influencers of Shein

Notes on Pitching

Season 1 Episode 1: Jamie Kirchick and the Myths of Pride

Introduction: Welcome to Arguably

To Boldly Go Into the Unknown

Cash In, Cash Out


The Tough Case for EV Trucks

The Surprising Joy of Smart Glasses

The Dyson Zone: It Blows, But Doesn't Suck

Can Apple Make VR Relevant?

The Idol and the Art of Smut

Our First Steps into the Infinite

The Flooded Zone

How Chanel Went Shit

The Digestif, February 26th

The Digestif, February 19th

They're Not Fake, They're Better

The Digestif, February 12th

Podcast Appearance: Why the Intellectual Dark Web Failed

Punk, Pearls, and a Raised Middle-Finger

The Strange Outing (?) of Steven Crowder

Extra: Interview with Me, on Journalism, Cinema, All About Eve, Cinema, and (of course) Dave Rubin

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