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My name is Ross Anderson. I’m a liberal writer focussed on American culture, fashion, technology, politics, and anything else I’m interested in.

I’m the Life Editor at the world edition of The Spectator, a regular contributor at The New York Sun and and was a 2020 fellow at Tablet Magazine. I am also host the podcast Arguably.

You can find my words in Tablet Magazine, LA Magazine, The Spectator, The Dispatch, The American Conservative, Arc Digital, OutSpoken, spiked!, and more.

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Josh Szeps: Ross Anderson is a journalist who is better respected among important people than he is among the lay, and I’m hoping that can change.”

David Frum: “Revealing profile of [Dave Rubin] by [Ross Anderson]… Even if you're not especially interested in Rubin, [Ross’s] piece offers an interesting examination of how online radicalization happens.The profile is worth your time, insights into how and why online content spirals toward extremism and conspiracy-mongering.”

Eli Lake: “This from ⁦Ross on Kanye West’s latest meltdown is terrific. Recommended”

Armin Rosen: ..."while lots of places have written something about Donda, hard to top [Ross's] ruthlessly fair assessment of maybe the most beguiling record of the year"

Ana Kasparian: This piece is incredible…”

Sarah Isgur:"A wonderful reporter named Ross Anderson ... wrote this up in an awesome piece"

Chris Kavanaugh: “This profile of Dave Rubin by [Ross] is very good… I can see why he hates this”

Niall Ferguson: "Hats off to the reviewer who gets that my role model is Dr. Who"

Jesse Singal: "Very nice review!"

Angel Eduardo: “Fascinating work here by [Ross]”

Iona Italia: “A fascinating piece by [Ross]”

Tiffany Beers: “Nice piece… really interesting”

Cenk Uygur: “the best description of Dave Rubin”

Chadwick Moore: "My favorite film critic knocks it out of the park once again"

Dave Rubin: “You are a little rat”, “you fucking loser”

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Liberal. Life Editor at the world edition of The Spectator. Regular contributor to The New York Sun. Host of 'Arguably'. 2020 Fellow at Tablet.